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 Traditional Swedish Tiled Stoves have made a comeback!


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 What is a traditional Swedish Tiled Stove?

A Swedish Tiled Stove or masonry heater is a traditional old time fireplace, which is made from pure clay, bricks and of course clay tiles. A Swedish Tiled Stove is a very effective heater, which cleanly releases heat for long period of time. While wood is being burned inside it, it stores warmth in its clay structure, and it slowly releases the heat into the room. A load of wood in the morning and another one in the evening, and both your house and your mind will be kept warm! A Swedish Tiled Stove is more than a stove, it is a living tradition and a work of art! This is why when a family moved during the 1700s, the stove was dissembled and taken along to a new house!

 The Tiled Stove Factory Helsinge

Helsinge Tiled Stove Factory  continues the long traditions of old Tiled Stove factories and workshops. We make by hand traditional Swedish Tiled Stoves (also called kachelovens) to the individual needs of the clients! Heaters that have authentic, traditional clay tiles are a love and passion for us!

 What types of Swedish Tiled Stoves do we offer?

Into our collection of Swedish Tiled Stoves we have collected some popular models from the old time great tiled stove manufactorers. You will get the best idea of the options we have by getting acquainted with our collection! Our Design Tiled Stoves are unique pieces that are designed and created from the beginning to answer one client's wishes and desires. One can also order from us single tiles for different needs. All our models are fitted into the needs of our clients when it comes to colour/shade, height and shape, to create just the right atmosphere! We offer a choice that is long-lasting and follows old traditions, and one that is natural and organic!

 A Tiled Stove has been made to stand the test of time!

One can still find working Tiled Stoves in Finland that have been made in the 1700s, more than 250 years ago! In Germany one can find Tiled Stoves that were made as far back as the 1400s! A traditional Tiled Stove is in a league of its own when it comes to fireplaces, and we can reveal our secret; "We don't use a drop of cement!" The traditional Tiled Stoves are made from pure and organic raw-materials that live and are able to tolerate the changes in heat. And of course will we mix it all with a drop of sand, a suitable amount of long traditions and a large amount of craftsmanship! It is most important to us that our Tiled Stoves are easily mended and easy to assemble even after 100 years and that our name will stay honourable after we are long gone!


 Why is a Tiled Stove so effective?

The efficiency of a Swedish Tiled Stove is based on its ingeniously simple structure. All of its parts are made of clay, which takes and releases heat slowly. A stove expands while it heats up and contracts when it cools down, so it needs to withstand the changes in heat. Only timeless clay can withstand this without cracking and breaking down. Slowly the heat moves from ember to claybricks. That heat-storage radiates from the tiles to the surrounding room! Modern cement-element stoves can't withstand fire nor time. Like everything good and lasting, making a Swedish Tiled Stove takes time, but the end result is well worth it. The best and most lasting way to store heat with a traditional Swedish Tiled Stove is when the wood is allowed to burn slowly without hurry. All the parts of the structure are made from the same raw-material and this is why the changes is heat is even throughout the heater. And it lasts from generation to generation!

 How long does it take to make a Swedish Tiled Stove?

When the tiled-stove master understands even the small details of the wishes of the client, he will commence to prepare the traditional stove. Tile by tile he will carefully work the tiles for the stove with the same old methods he learned from his masters.  Little by little the shape of the stove and right colour  transfers into the tiles. The making of a Swedish Tiled Stove from our collection will take about 1-2 months and a little longer for a designer stove. Then the tiled-stove mason will assemble the heater for a week or two, and the work is finished!

 How much does a traditional Swedish Tiled Stove cost?

An all included package will cost from 8500 €. The Tiled Stove tiles only from 4500 €. Tiles from 70 € per piece. All prices include VAT 24%. If you are interested, please ask for samples!

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