How much does our products and services cost

All our products and services are tailored to answer the wishes and needs of our clients. We adjust the shape, colour and height of the stove to answer the architecture and interior design of your room, and we will set our timetable according to your needs.

You can buy a tiled stove from us as a whole package (“matches to hand”). This means that we will take care of everything (the making of the tiles, the ordering of all materials and masoning). When the work is finished we will hand you a box of matches. Alternatively you can also order just the stove tiles, and take care of the other purchases yourself.

For Swedish tiled stove masoning services we provide prices according to each order, so please ask for an offer!

Here are some price examples:



Swedish tiled stove tiles: Traditional tiled stove tiles starting from 5500 €.

Full package: Includes the tiles, all materials and assembly 9500 € (+ delivery costs, travel and accommodation).

Tiles: Reparation tiles starting from 70 €/piece + mould expenses and development of glaze colour

Assembly of a tiled stove: Assembly starting from 3590 €.

Disassembly of a tiled stove: Disassembly starting from 1500 €.

Sample tiles: We can send tile and colour samples without charge. Customer pays only the sending fee. Be in touch and let us discuss you needs in detail!


Please be in touch, and we will give you an offer!