We will make you a tiled stove according to your wishes!


Traditional Swedish Tiled Stoves have come back


From Helsinge you will receive a traditional Swedish Tiled Stove

The traditional Swedish tiled stoves of Helsinge are a new production of old classics and much liked modern tiled stoves. Both the round and square tiled stove models are based on the models of the old respected Swedish Tiled Stove factories and work-shops. These models are still much liked in both Sweden and Finland. The shapes are timeless and fit well into the traditional finnish taste. We have also build our collection so that each model can be adjusted to be either modern or classic in its spirit. We offer the following colours: old while, sunny yellow, spruce green and cobalt blue. These stoves are made by a traditional Tiled Stove master, who masters both the masoning and making of the Tiled Stove tiles. Our collection includes a masonic heater to all tastes and all spaces from a croft to a manor house.

Order now a Tiled Stove that stands the test of time, and raises the value of the property or real estate. See information about pricing from our price-list, or more precisely by contacting us directly!