Making of Swedish Tiled Stove

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How long does it take to make a Swedish Tiled Stove


Making of a Swedish Tiled Stove

With years of esxperience, we will make you a tiled stove of your dreams. Every tiled stove is made according to the wishes of the client. The client may choose the height, style, shape and colour/shade. We offer both classic and modern models of tiled stoves, and also a designer one if the client so desires. After the ordering fee is paid by the client, we will start the manufacturing process of your stove in our workshop. We can provide you with an all inclusive order (matches to hand) which includes manufacture of the stove tiles, the masoning, and finally, when all is finished and done, handing the client a box of matches.

It takes around 1-2 months to manufacture a tiled stove from clay to tiles, depending on the model. A Designer Swedish tiled Stove might take a little longer, but do tell us if you are in a hurry. Details of the pricing can be found in our price list, and more precisely by contacting us directly.