Disassembling a Swedish Tiled Stove

With care and precision


How does one disassemble a tiled stove


The disassembling of an old swedish tiled stoves

We are adept at both masoning and disassembling tiled stoves. If you have an old stove that needs disassembling, we will do it for you. We will carefully and skilfully take the tiles apart one by one, layer by layer. After this we will polish your old tiles from clay and pieces of brick, and either mend the old tiles or make new ones to replace the damaged tiles.

We think the client should be able to get a whole package if he/she so wishes, and therefore we will acquire the bricks, grout and other equipment needed on your behalf. We also offer to mason the fire wall (with its plastering) and do the groud elevation work. After these, we will assemble (mason) your tiled stove to be ready for use. If you have a masonic heater that needs disassembling, do contact us and we will help you!

It usually takes from 1-3 days to dissemble a tiled stove. You will find information about pricing in out price list section, and more elaborately by contacting us directly!