Tiled stove factory Helsinge is a traditional handicraft factory

The story of Helsinge is a saga of quality, beauty and atmosphere.


The roots of the style of Helsinge

Nothing good is created from the scratch without effort. A vision of a handicraft factory matured little by little as if touched by destiny. First was a longing for something better, which was severely tested. Finally, out of gloomy nothingness a vision of something better came into daylight - Thy unique style of Helsinge.



In the heart of midwinter, in a tent glowing in the heat of a cast iron stove, a young gentleman officer was dreaming of fine arts and handicraft skills. After being released from service his journey (like his fathers before him) continues to the fountains of learning, to universities.

After some more years have passed, at an excavation site, a young archaeologist digs from his bag a briar pipe, and fills it with the best english tobacco. In his thoughts he travels to his passions in the north, and decides to fulfill his dreams of making himself familiar with the making of a traditional tiled stove tiles, and the secrets of masonry.

After landing in the north, he acquires qualifications of a stove mason. Like he was guided from above, he happens to meet Jarmo Toivonen, a master who knows the secrets of the traditional tiled stoves of the past. And he just happens to be looking for an apprentice, someone to continue his work

As the years pass, the young man becomes a student of traditional mason Timo Nylander. Still more years go by, and he becomes a journeyman, and then a traditional tile maker, and he inherits his masters knowledge and secrets recipes.

The young man knows when the time is right to establish his own handicraft factory. His vision is simple. To combine a deep knowledge of both masonry and the skill of producing first class traditional tiles. Just like during 1700s, the golden age of tiled stoves.

Laivan rantauduttua hän hankkii uunimuurarin pätevyyden. Kuin johdatuksesta hän kohtaa vanhanajan aitojen kaakeliuunein salat tuntevan mestarin Jarmo Toivosen, joka etsii oppipoikaa, työnsä jatkajaa. Vuosien kuluessa hänestä tulee perinnemuurari Timo Nylanderin oppilas. Vuodet vierivät ja oppipojasta kasvaa kisälli ja kisällistä kaakelimaakari, ja hän perii mestarinsa salaiset reseptit ja tietämyksen. Nuorukainen tietää ajan olevan kypsä kunniallisen käsityötehtaan perustamiseen.

Hänen visionsa on yksinkertainen. Syvällisen muuraus- ja valmistustaidon yhdistäminen, aivan kuten aitojen kaakeliuunien kultakautena 1700-luvulla.








The old style handicraft factory Helsinge offers only the best to its demanding clients. The starting point is excellence, and this is why everything is made by hand. Day after day we aim for perfection, and we don’t accept compromises.

We believe and know that where machine’s cold touch produces identical and lifeless, the warm and living touch of human hand brings a deep understanding and wonderful uniqueness to a product.

The old and honourable traditions of the handicraft masters are close to the heart of Helsinge. The tiles can be made identical with machinery, but this is not what we do or believe in. We work the clay by hand, and build it step by step from beginning to the end. We know that this is how we achieve the best end result. There are no short cuts to excellence.

This 1700s spirit of respected handicraft factories is characteristic to Helsinge, and this is the tradion we want to cherish.





An architect makes his way to a potter’s clay work-shop, bringing with him some tiled stove tiles and a request. Without knowing it, the architect changes the future of the potter when the potter signs his offer to make nine tiled stove ovens to the restaurant/banquet hall of Oulun Seurahuone. The word starts spreading about a master who knows and masters the age old construction of tiled stoves. Soon there are more orders coming to the only tiled stove maker in the country, as he can possibly accept.

He closes his work shop at the north, and moves to the south, to Turunmaa, where he opens up a new work shop called Kaakelimaakari. Over the years, after a long and tight collaberation with traditional masons, Jarmo Toivonen gains a deep understanding of the workings and masonry of traditional tiled stoves, and puts this understanding into his production.

The years go by, and he produces countless tiles for traditional tiled stoves to manor houses and villas, as well as to museums and detached houses.

With patience and respect he absorbed the secrets of his trade of making traditional tiles stoves, that took shape throughout the years from 1700 to 1900. Helsinge is based on these traditions and the experience of over 25 years of master Jarmo Toivonen.



The tiled-stove-master Timo Nylander knows the traditional tiled stoves, the details of their structure, their tricks and secrets like the back of his hands, as he is a traditional mason in third generation. A deep understanding is not created just from putting up tiled stoves, but from those countless times of disassembling a tiled stove, and putting it up yet again. What an enormous amount of  knowledge and understanding is there hidden in the tiled stoves of the bygone times – in the customs in which they were built and constructed hundreds of years ago. Year after year the smallest details and their impacts to the entirety can be understood through working until all the unnecessary has been smoothed away, and only the essential is left to stay. This is the long road that an old-time-master of handcraft has travelled with patience and respecting the teachings and the implicit demand for quality of the masters of the old times. Master Nylander is a part of living heritage, a part of history, who with wisdom and a big heart guides the younger generation in appreciating and cherishing handcrafting.

We at Helsinge are thankful at being able to participate in the hundreds of years old tradition of the tiled-stove-masters, and work at doing things even better!




Our handicraft factory is the only one in Finland that specialises in the production of traditional tiled stoves only, and therefore we are able to serve our clients with a deep understanding.

As an answer to demand we have created the Helsinge tiled stove collection, and in our collection we have included the classics of the traditional tiled stoves. In our collection all the models are based on timeless draft drawings made between 1700-1900, and their classic proportions and harmony. Our selection is plentiful, and our delivery time relatively fast. In all that we do, our trademark is handicraft quality, beauty and lasting result, and of course the wonderfully miraculous atmosphere that the tiled stove create.

As a guarantee of their outstanding quality, our traditional tiled stove ovens endure from generation to the next, and to the one after that.





The unique style of Helsinge is like an anchor that attaches us safely onto something permanent and wonderful in the midst of all the disposable, and the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. It’s like a fairy tale world.

Enduring quality originates from first-class raw-materials, excellent manufacturing process, and ingeniously simple structure. It promises a piece of eternity (hundreds of years) and it can be mended. The elegance of beauty is amazing and admirable. It’s timeless and wonderful, and it’s based in harmony and balance both in form and proportion as well as composition. A magical atmosphere is created when the living impression of  handcraft merges with the movement of fire; its happy burning, the orange glow of the ember, and the smell of smoke and roaring of the resin. The end result  is pure art and first class handcraft.

In our vision – in the unique style of Helsinge – beauty, durability and unparalleled atmosphere all unite together.