Designed-tiled stoves

To a more demanding taste


We make custom tiled stoves after your requirements


A custom made tiled stove

A custom made tiled stove is designed and made taking into account all the individual needs and wishes of the client. It is the climax of the art of handicraft and only made from the best raw materials. The small and large lines, roundness and angular shapes of designing are specified in it. The hatches are either purchased or commissioned by a blacksmith. The structure and colouring are precisely specified in the coating. A strong contrast might be wanted, or pleasant lightness or discreet softness. And either a wonderful smoothness or rural roughness of the coating. Also the colouring can be bright, faded or transparent-like. A single tile can also be mottled or more even in colour, as can the entire tiled stove. Compromises are not made, but instead everything is considered and measured from the beginning till the end. Only imagination is the limit, and of course the atmosphere wanted and the impression one wants to create.

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